China’s online air pollution map

An online, interactive, non-government map which shows the worst atmospheric polluters in China. These include 40 multinational companies. This story has been picked up all over the domestic Chinese media. The following extract is from the China Daily:

Forty multinationals are among some 4,000 firms on an air pollution blacklist released Thursday.

Top companies such as Michelin China, Sina-Mars Group APP in China, the joint ventures of Toyota and Ford, and subsidiaries of Sinopec figure on the list of the China Air Pollution Map (, compiled by the Beijing-based non-governmental Institute of Public and Environment Affairs (IPEA).

“We started collecting the records of polluters in 2004,” said Ma Jun, director of the institute.

Besides information about the polluters, the institute’s latest database also records air quality and air pollution sources in 150 cities in the southern parts of the country.

Ma said the institute gets polluters’ information from local and central environmental protection departments’ websites or from news reports.

This is important – quite a lot of media have highlighted that this is all information that is in the public domain. The number of people jailed for national security offenses like revealing state secrets has doubled in the past year.

Chinese arrests for “endangering state securitydoubled in 2006 to 604, compared with just 296 in the previous year, according to official statistics recently released by the Chinese government.

The just-published 2007 China Law Yearbook records that state prosecutors approved the arrest of 604 individuals detained by public security and state security police in national security cases, up from 296 in 2005. Prosecutions were initiated in 258 cases involving 561 individuals in 2006, compared with 185 cases involving 349 people in 2005.

Read more about cyberdissent and how the government deals with it.

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